Zip Code Ornament
Zip Code Ornament
Zip Code Ornaments
Zip Code Ornament

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Add a personal touch to your holiday festivities with our 5" x 4.5" Zip Code Christmas Ornament. Crafted from wood and matte black acrylic, it showcases "Christmas 2023", a customizable zip code, town name, and state, alongside a delicate matte black snowflake accent. Finished with a stylish black and white ribbon and bead hanger, it's a heartfelt nod to cherished places and memories this festive season.


Product Description

Discover the simple joy of adding a personal touch to your holiday decorations with our Zip Code Christmas Ornament. This bespoke piece, gracefully uniting wood and black matte acrylic, creates a delightful harmony between traditional and contemporary design.

Measuring at a noticeable yet refined 5" x 4.5", it effortlessly captures the essence of the festive season. The ornament prominently features "Christmas 2023" followed by your custom zip code, town name, and state in 1" matte black letters, offering a personalized touch that brings a piece of home to your holiday celebrations.

Accentuated by a singular matte black snowflake and crowned with a chic black and white ribbon bow and a bead hanger, this ornament adds a dash of understated elegance to your festive display.

Make your Christmas tree a reflection of cherished places and memories with this tasteful and timeless addition.

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